MCS 2200 - Monitoring and Control System

The MCS 2200 covers alarm and monitoring features
n Machinery alarm and monitoring for every type of vessel
n Integrated or stand-alone cargo alarm system for tankers

In addition to that, MCS 2200 provides control of all machinery
n Machinery control for all types of vessels
n Integration of extended functionality like PMS, propulsion
control, etc.
n Cargo control for reefer container, tanker, loading calculator,
n Interfaces to all kinds of external systems

The MCS 2200 is formed in a highly decentralized architecture
n Outstation
n Reporting
n Duty Alarm System
n System Operating Devices

The human machine interface is formed by System Operating
Devices. Comfortable data presentation as well as intuitive
operation is assured via full graphic mimics which allow remote
control of the respective process. Advanced system diagnostics
facilitate commissioning and ensure easy operation.

The intelligent outstations act as fully independent data
processors and are linked by a redundant system net for data
exchange. The hardware is formed by few standard modules
minimising the spare parts of the ship.

The duty alarm system integrates engineer call and alarm
extension functions as well as the bridge watch alarm system.

The MCS 2200 is based on the standard hard- and software of
the 2200 Automation series.

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